The Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the governing body of football in Asia, is the owner of commercial rights relating to the AFC Women's Asian Cup Jordan 2018 ("Competition") and has accorded the Local Organising Committee of the AFC Women's Asian Cup Jordan 2018 ("LOC") the rights to manage the sale of Tickets relating to the Competition.

The following General Ticketing Terms and Conditions comprising of the Ticketing Sales Conditions, Terms of Admission and General Provisions ("Terms and Conditions") set out the general conditions in respect to the sale, purchase and use of tickets for the Competition and shall be binding on all persons who purchase and attend any match of the Competition.



These Ticketing Sales Conditions ("Sales Conditions") shall apply to the purchase and use of tickets to the AFC Women's Asian Cup Jordan 2018 matches ("Competition").

All tickets are sold by the Local Organising Committee AFC Women's Asian Cup Jordan 2018 ("LOC") or its ticketing agent, Sajilni.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to be bound by these Sales Conditions including all related terms and conditions which shall apply to your purchase and use of tickets and to your subsequent entry and conduct at the venue of a match.

The LOC reserves the right to amend these Sales Conditions from time to time and the latest version of these documents will be made available at the Official Ticketing Portal at [].

The LOC may cancel tickets which are purchased or used in breach of these Sales Conditions.


Tickets are subject to availability.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable except as set out in the Refund Policy or as required by applicable law.

Purchasers are only allowed to purchase a maximum of [5] tickets in a single transaction.

Tickets shall not be resold or transferred and shall not be purchased or obtained from or through any person, commercial agent or company other than by the AFC, LOC or its authorised ticketing agent.

Any ticket which is obtained, offered or advertised for sale shall be deemed void and all rights conferred thereunder shall be nullified. Purchasers shall assume full and absolute responsibility for all Tickets purchased and allocated to them. All lost, stolen or damaged tickets shall not be replaced.

Tickets may not be used for advertising, sales promotion or any other commercial purposes (including, but not limited to, offers for sale, use as part of an unauthorised hospitality package, use as a premium, give-away or prize in a competition or sweepstake) without the prior written approval of AFC. In the event that Tickets are used for such purposes without AFC's prior written approval, such tickets may be cancelled by AFC and/or the LOC at its sole discretion and the holders of the Tickets shall be refused entry to the stadium.

A person seeking to use a Ticket in breach of these Sales Conditions shall be deemed a trespasser and shall be evicted from the Stadium without any refund or compensation.

All tickets shall remain the property of the LOC.


The price of a ticket shall be the price set by the LOC at the time of purchase which shall include all applicable taxes.

All ticket prices shall be in Jordanian dinar.


LOC and its ticketing agent shall collect and process your order and issue tickets through the delivery/collection method selected at the time of purchase.

Persons collecting tickets at a venue may be asked to present photo ID, the credit/debit card used for the purchase and the transaction number generated at the time of purchase.

Concession ticket holders may be required to produce appropriate identification at the relevant match venue at the time of ticket collection or entry.

Purchasers should allow adequate time to receive or collect tickets prior to a match.

Purchasers shall ensure that all contact and delivery details provided at the time of purchase are accurate. The LOC and/or its ticketing agent shall not be liable for any lost or undelivered tickets.


LOC reserves the right to make changes to ticketing information including ticket prices or the purchase process at any time.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the LOC and ticketing agent excludes all implied representations or warranties and LOC will not be liable in connection with any ticket order or purchase request which is incomplete, incorrectly completed or fraudulent or any ticket which is delivered to an incorrect address or not received following distribution in accordance with your chosen delivery method.

The LOC will not be liable for, or have any obligation to reissue or replace a lost, stolen or damaged ticket, However, LOC may determine in its discretion and subject to the payment of a fee, to reissue or replace a lost or damaged ticket where the request is made by the original purchaser of the ticket.



The following Terms of Admission shall apply to all tickets issued by or on behalf of the LOC for the Competition and the admission of all ticket holders to a match venue.

By attending a match, ticket holders agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms of Admission. These Terms of Admission incorporate and should be read in conjunction with the Prohibited Items List, Venue Conditions of Entry, ticket conditions (appearing on each ticket) and the Refund policy.

The LOC reserves the right to amend these Terms of Admission from time to time and the latest version of these documents will be made available at the Official Ticketing Portal at [].

The following general provisions apply:

* a valid ticket permits a Patron to occupy the seat specified on their ticket (or such alternative position as the AFC, LOC or Venue Management Team may allocate acting reasonably) for the duration of a match;

* smoking is prohibited other than in designated smoking areas;

* umbrellas are permitted into the Venue but, for the comfort of others, must not be raised in the seating or concourse areas;

* for safety reasons, strollers and prams may not be permitted in the seating bowl;

* unauthorised persons are prohibited from entering the field of play. Prosecutions may be pursued for unauthorised access to either the venue, field of play or any restricted or controlled areas within the Venue;

* patrons are responsible for their own conduct whilst in the venue and must pay for the cost of repair of any damage caused to the venue as a result of their conduct;

* drums and other restricted items may be permitted in the Venue on the condition that the owner is identified and receives prior approval from the LOC or Venue Management Team.

A person is permitted to attend the match only provided that he/she is in possession of a valid match ticket and not an Excluded Person. For purposes of this provision, Excluded Person shall mean:

* any person banned by a national or international football football federation or governing body;

* any person subject to a football banning order pursuant to a conviction enforceable in Jordan;

* any person banned by the Stadium Authority from attending events at the venue;

* any person who has or is in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions.


The AFC, LOC and Venue Management Team reserve the right to refuse entry or evict any person:

* who breaches or who the AFC, LOC or Venue Management Team has reasonable grounds to believe is likely to breach these Terms of Admission or any related terms and conditions;

* who jeopardises safety or security at a venue or match or the integrity of a match or who the AFC, LOC or Venue Management Team have reasonable grounds to believe could do so;

* deemed to be intoxicated, disorderly or under the influence of drugs or banned substances;

* attempting to bring in or found to be in possession of Prohibited or Restricted Items;

* engaging in a Prohibited or Restricted Activity;

* failing to comply with lawful directions of AFC, LOC, Venue Management Team, local authorities or contracted security or authorised personnel;

* not authorised to be in the venue;

* is suspected of committing or having committed or being likely to commit a criminal offence in or around the Venue.


All persons and their possessions may be subject to searches before entering, or at any time within, the venue and may be subject to search upon exit. Persons who refuse to accommodate or comply with any such screening request may be denied entry or evicted from the venue. Any person found to be in the possession of a Prohibited or Restricted Item shall have such item confiscated and/or evicted from the venue.


For the safety and security of persons and staff, surveillance cameras may be operating in and around the venue. All persons entering the venue consent to having their image and sound recorded and held for a specified period. In the event f an incident, any footage obtained may be provided to the AFC, LOC, Venue Management Team, local authorities or contracted security or authorised personnel and used to prosecute or support the implementation of a ban or for other law enforcement purpose.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of items that are prohibited and/or restricted and are not permitted to be brought into the venue at any time:

* Firearms, weapons, knives, imitation weapons;
* illegal substances including controlled, dangerous or illicit drugs;
* flares, fireworks, explosives and smoke bombs;
* alcoholic beverages;
* glass bottles, cans and breakable containers,
* missiles of any description;
* animals and pets (other than Assistance dogs);
* laser pointers;
* non-accredited photographic equipment and recording devices for commercial purposes;
* flag poles composed of materials other than plastic or wood or greater than 1.5 metres in length;
* national or political flags or emblems (except for the official national flag of the competing teams) or any other signs, banners or materials (including clothing) displaying suggestive, offensive or inappropriate content or unauthorized commercial or promotional content (whether written in English or any other language) or any materials (including clothing) which may be considered an act of ambush marketing;
* eskies, coolers or ice-boxes too large to be stored under a seat;
* any item determined by the AFC, LOC and/or Venue Management Team which may interfere with the security or peaceful enjoyment of the match or cause injury, public nuisance or which is deemed dangerous or hazardous to person(s);
* any item on the Prohibited Items List available on the venue conditions of entry.

Prohibited items may be removed, confiscated or destroyed without compensation or any obligation to return the same to a person.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that are restricted or prohibited within the venue and participation in such activities may result in a penalty or eviction:

* smoking (other than in a designated area);
* displaying commercial or offensive signage;
* any conduct which interferes with a match or is dangerous or disruptive including throwing objects of any description;
* striking or igniting flares, fireworks, explosives and or smoke bombs;
* the use of any chanting, language or conduct which is likely to offend, insult, humiliate, disparage or vilify any reasonable person on the basis of gender, race, religion, culture, colour, descent, country of origin, or disability;
* concealing identity with a scarf, balaclava, mask or other item unless for a religious, medical or other justifiable reason;
* unauthorised storage of equipment or standing/sitting in aisles or walkways;
* public nudity or indecency;
* defacing a venue or third party property or defacing or obscuring any notice, signage or advertisement within a venue;
* unauthorised commercial activities including, soliciting, customer surveying, promotions, advertising or marketing (including by way of distributing or offering any goods or services for sale in or around the venue);
* entering or attempting to enter any restricted or prohibited area without proper authorisation (including the field of play, a player dressing room or official area, roofs, masts, fences or structures in or around the venue);
* conducting or causing to be conducted any form of betting or gambling within the venue or collecting, disseminating, transmitting, publishing or releasing from the Venue (by any means or using any device) any score, result, statistic or data for any commercial, betting or gambling purpose;
* offering, attempting to offer, or acting in concert with persons offering, any form of bribe or reward to a third party to fix, or otherwise improperly influence any match or the Competition; or
* any form of ambush marketing (including by representing, promoting or advertising that the person or any organisation has a connection or association with the AFC, LOC or the Competition which they do not have (including by using any logos, indicia or words associated with the Competition without AFC's prior written approval) or any unauthorised use of the intellectual property rights of AFC or any activity which otherwise exploits the publicity or goodwill of the Competition without AFC's written permission or any activity which AFC or the LOC determine denigrates the rights of AFC, LOC or any third party associated with the Competition (including sponsors).


All persons entering the venue are advised that: (a) they are entering a licensed premises; (b) persons identified as being intoxicated will not be permitted to enter and will be removed from the premises; (c) persons found in possession of liquor will not be permitted to enter; and (h) penalties and fines may apply under the relevant State and National legislation.


Attending a football match and associated activities and moving around a venue can be dangerous and may result in personal injury. All persons attending a match at the venue shall do so at their own risk and also bring personal items into the venue at their own risk and acknowledge there is no storage at a venue. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the AFC, LOC and Venue Management Team or any third party associated with the Competition will not be liable for any damage, loss or harm (including property damage, personal injury, economic, consequential or indirect loss or special damages) howsoever arising in connection with a match or the venue and each person agrees not to bring, any complaint, claim or proceeding against the AFC, LOC and Venue Management Team or any third party associated with the Competition in relation to the above. Each person agrees to indemnify and hold the AFC, LOC and Venue Management Team or any third party associated with the Competition harmless from and against any loss, damage or liability (including enforcement costs) howsoever suffered or incurred by any of them in connection with a breach by the them of these Terms and Condition.


Any photographs or recordings of video, audio or audio-video material taken within the Venue may be used only for private, personal, non-commercial and non-promotional purposes. Making,

distributing or otherwise disseminating any sounds, image, results, broadcasts, commentary, news reports or statistics by any means or device (including mobile phone or tablet) or assisting any person in these activities, is prohibited unless authorised or solely for private, personal, non- commercial and non-promotional purposes.


All person(s) attending a match consent to the recording (by any means at or about the venue) and perpetual use of their voice, image and/or likeness in any form or medium, including as part of any broadcast or recording of a match and for any other commercial purposes (including in advertising and promotional materials) without compensation. The AFC is the sole legal and beneficial owner of all copyright and other intellectual property rights (including future rights) subsisting in any photographs or recordings of video, audio or audio-video material taken within a venue.



All personal data requested at the time of ticket purchase is required so as to enable the LOC and its ticketing agent to manage and process ticket requests. All information received is kept and managed by the LOC and its ticketing agent and shall be processed in accordance with the applicable national and state legislation relating to data protection. By purchasing tickets and to the extent permitted by law, all person(s) agree and consent to the retention and processing of their personal data for purposes relating to the match and/or any related promotional purposes.


The AFC, LOC, Venue Management Team and any third party associated with the Competition shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever arising out of the relocation, cancellation, abandonment or postponement of any match by reason of any act of force majeure even if such cancellation, abandonment or postponement may prejudice such person(s) and their guests.


The AFC and/or LOC reserves the right to amend and alter any provision of these Terms and Conditions at any time and shall make the same available at the official competition or ticketing website from time to time.

Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be declared void, ineffective, illegal or unenforceable by any competent court, regulator or authority, then the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect as if such void, ineffective, illegal or unenforceable provision had not been included.


These Terms and Conditions have been drafted in English and may be translated into Arabic. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Arabic Terms and Conditions, the English terms shall prevail.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Jordan. The parties agree that a competent court within the place of residence or domicile of the applicant, as the case may be, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.


Any person in breach of these Terms and Condition may (without compensation or refund) be: (a) denied access to, or evicted from a venue, have their ticket (and any future tickets) cancelled and be required to deliver up any ticket in their possession; (b) banned from attending future matches at the discretion of the AFC, LOC or Stadium Authority and (c) fined or imposed a penalty.


Any ticketing requests or information relating to the Competition should be addressed to customer services, who can be contacted through the Customer Service hotline at [06-5657662] or via Official Competition Ticketing portal at []